Elecard Video Format Analyzer 1.2.35244 for Windows 10


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Elecard Video Format pop-Analyzer is a tool for downloading and viewing metadata in media files. The program will perform a thorough analysis of the file and displays all the most important information - the length of a song / video, volume and size, the actual creation and last modification date of the file. The program has a simple and functional interface, consisting of a built-in browser hexes (also encoded in ANSI), the display of the parameters and statistics of the video and a special panel used for viewing segments and the other part (clusters, blocks, etc.). Elecard Video Size Analyzer offers: - support for video formats including AVI, MKV and MP4, - extract metadata and display the data in a tree - a simple and clear interface - edit data in ANSII and hexadecimal (hex) - displays the duration of the film, the size of , bitrate, frame rate (FPS) and the sound quality and frequency of sampling.